Four core principles guide the way I work….



Good nutrition is obviously important for good health , but so are other aspects of your life beyond just what you eat.

The approach I take integrates the 'Five Pillars' of better health:

 1. good nutrition  2. sleep & relaxation  3. activity & exercise  4. stress reduction  5. social connection.



My health plans don’t just list what to do and what not to do - I  explain in clear, simple terms how these things affect your health.

My service includes ongoing coaching to help you overcome the barriers that life throws up. My aim is transfer knowledge to you so that you can take charge of your own health.



In terms of nutrition and health, one size does not fit all.

Many factors influence our health - genetics, medical history, age, our job, our activity levels, our stress levels, lifestyle choices, and of course what we consume. Everyone has different needs, abilities, and resources.

Thus my health plans are not generic - they are tailored to you and your individual circumstances.



I work with other health professionals when required.

That might be your GP or it might be another health professional who can help address your particular issue.

It is often useful to have blood test results, to better understand your health profile and help prioritise what needs most attention. I can help arrange appropriate testing and interpret test results.

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